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Shipping Instruction

by Ridwan Ridwan -

Good morning all of students

Today I'll explain you about the shipping document is "Shipping Instructions" kind of cargo  it mean that every exporter will do to export their cargo via Shipping lines, they are should submit the "Shipping Instruction" whose contents information about the : name and voyage of vessel will be use to carrying the said cargo, dated of estimate time of vessel arrival, kind of cargo, volume of cargo, tonnage of cargo, name and complete address of shipper/exporter, name and complete address of consignee/buyer, where is the ocean freight will be paid ( two optional where the ocean freight will be  settle: at port loading or at port of discharge) the optional depend on their contract between shipper and buyer. Beside there a "shipping instruction" so well inform about the name of port of loading and port of discharge. Shipping Instruction is very urgent of shipping document , should be made and signed by shipper and submitted to the shipping lines for 7 or lately 5 days before ship arrival.

For more information and how to input data at "Shipping Instruction" form, we attached hereto , please watch it and keep to followed.